SPIRIT-HF-DZHK8 is an international multicenter trial investigating whether spironolactone can reduce the number of hospitalizations and deaths in people with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction.


    This website provides useful information about the study and how to participate.

In Brief

The main aim of the Spirit-HF DZHK08 study is to compare the drug spironolactone to a placebo (a treatment with no medical benefit) in reducing the rate of recurrent hospitalizations and death from heart failure (known as composite endpoints) in people with heart failure (stages classed by the New York Heart Association as II‐IV) with mid‐range or preserved ejection fraction (Left ventricular ejection fraction, LVEF ≥40%).

The SPIRIT-HF-DZHK8 study is 100 percent funded by the German Center for Cardiovascular Research (DZHK).

Current stage

Currently, the trial is in the recruiting phase, with the first participant’s data recorded and anonymised  in November 2018.


Participation of study sites

It is still possible to participate in the trial as a study site.